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Save $120 with this amazing Vitamix deal at Amazon

The Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 blender with an empty container.

There are many ways to spice up your kitchen, such as by taking advantage of Instant Pot deals and Ninja Foodi deals, but you shouldn’t forget about the basics. You should always be on the lookout for possible upgrades with blender deals, and if it’s an important part of your daily meals, you might want to invest in Vitamix deals. The brand’s blenders don’t come cheap, but Amazon is currently an offering a $120 discount for the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300, bringing its price down to $380 from its original price of $500.

Vitamix, which appears in Digital Trends’ best blenders for 2021 for the high-end Vitamix Professional 750, continues to impress with the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300. The blender features a motor base with variable speed control and pulse feature so you can fine tune the texture of your recipe, with a programmable timer so you won’t mix for too long. Meanwhile, touchscreen controls give a sleek look, and make the surface easy to clean.

The Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 comes with a 64-ounce container, which fits enough portions for the whole family. The blender’s blades can create friction heat to make hot soup in under 10 minutes, and it can also make frozen treats with chilled ingredients. You can also grind nuts, mix batter, make spreads, prepare baby food, and of course, create smoothies with the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300.

For a blender that does so much more than make milkshakes, you should go for the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300. Amazon is selling it for just $380, after a $120 discount to is original price of $500. There’s no telling when the deal will end though, so if you’re already looking forward to everything that you can do with the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300, don’t hesitate. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

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