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Walmart’s Prime rival sale drops this Vizio 40-inch TV under $200

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As the title suggests, there’s a Walmart Rollback Sale on various products — including TVs like this 40-inch Vizio — as a direct response to Amazon’s second Prime Day, aka the Prime Early Access Sale, which has the same sort of exclusive deals and discounts for Prime Members as Prime Day did. But, ultimately, that means you get to pick up a relatively cheap TV, even without a Prime subscription, since Walmart is selling it at $198 from $227.

Why you should buy the VIZIO 40-inch Class D-Series

The VIZIO D-Series is an interesting lineup of TVs, since it doesn’t come in 4k but has all the other great features you would typically expect from a high-end TV. For example, you get full-array LED backlighting that gives smaller brightness control zones and significantly better contrast than your average TV. Similarly, it comes with an internal processor, the IQ Picture Processor, which helps make the overall interface and experience quicker so you aren’t constantly waiting for an app to load or deal with menu lag — all of which are excellent quality-of-life additions for a sub-$200 TV.

It gets better if you’re a gamer, since VIZIO has added their V-Gaming Engine to this, which lowers the input lag and allows for a variable refresh rate through AMD Freesync. Sadly, you still only get a base 60Hz refresh rate, although all things considered, you’re already getting quite a lot of perks at a great deal, so we don’t think that is a dealbreaker. Beyond that, it has Watch Free+, VIZIO’s free streaming service that’s excellent if you haven’t subscribed to a streaming service, and VIZIO Voice, which allows you to control the TV from an android or iOS device. The D-series also integrates with Apple Home and Google Assistant, so if you want to control it remotely from different devices, you certainly can!

All in all, the VIZIO 40-inch Class D-Series is an excellent 40-inch TV that has all the great features of a TV several times its price, especially given that Walmart has discounted it to just $198. That said, there are a lot of other great Prime Day TV deals if you want to consider your options, and it’s always worth checking the general Prime Day deals for some that you might have missed.

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