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Upgrade your home theater with the 50-inch Vizio smart TV, now just $300

Long gone are the days when you had to shell out $1,000 or more for a big-screen television. Modern advances and ongoing competition from a myriad of new brands has made TVs — even big ones — cheaper than ever, and never before has it been easier (not to mention cheaper) to set up a great home theater system.

Vizio is a popular and well-known brand that has established itself as one of the best values in affordable but high-quality televisions, offering a wide range of great HDTVs that are easy on the wallet. Your choice of TV is arguably the most important part of your home entertainment, as it’s the primary component of your personal theater system — regardless of whether you’re assembling a full-on surround-sound setup or just looking for a good television for streaming and gaming.

Vizio 50-inch smart TVAssuming you aren’t fussy about 4K, this Vizio 50-inch smart TV is a great choice for most users. The display hits the sweet spot in size between “too small” and “too big” (and yes, there is a such thing as “too big” when it comes to televisions, particularly if you live in an apartment), while its 1080p resolution lets you enjoy all of your games, shows, and movies in crisp Full HD. Three HDMI ports along with component, RCA, and coaxial inputs let you hook up all of your modern and legacy media devices.

What’s really notable about the Vizio 50-inch smart TV (especially at this price point) is its built-in Wi-Fi and streaming capability. Vizio Internet Apps Plus places all of your favorite streaming apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more, right at your fingertips. The integrated digital tuner also allows you to enjoy free digital programming right out of the box depending on what’s available in your area.

This Vizio 50-inch smart TV normally goes for $418, which is a pretty low price already. For a limited time, Walmart has slashed the cost of this HDTV down to just $300, saving you $118. If you want to upgrade and have to opt for Ultra HD, however, then be sure to also check out these 4K TV deals.

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