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Vont’s LED Outdoor Solar Lights are crazy cheap for Black Friday!

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights 2 pack product image.
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Lining a path, walkway, or even the front of your home with LED lights can get quite expensive. However, the good news is that there are a lot of solar-powered lights out there that make installing a collection much simpler. You just place the lights, and they power themselves during the day, and turn on automatically at night. But again, as simple as that can be, it’s expensive trying to get enough lights to cover an area, small or large. Fortunately, Vont is offering its 2-pack of LED Outdoor Solar Lights for ridiculously low prices to coincide with all of the early Black Friday deals and the holiday season!

We’ll dig a little more into their list of features below, but the Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights are IPX7 water and heat-proof, and come with a lifetime warranty — with protection for loss, theft, and material defects. Normally $26, the 2-Pack of Vont’s LED Outdoor Solar Lights is on sale currently for $22, but when you clip a $10 off on-page coupon, that price drops even lower, to $16 with free Prime shipping. That is an amazing deal. If you add more than one to your cart, you’ll get $10 off the total, so 2 packs of the Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights would be just over $34, when normally, they’d be $44+. You can check out that deal below, or keep reading for more information about the lights!

With a built-in ground stake, the Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights are perfect for use in any garden, yard, patio, or outdoor setup, including walkways and paths. The lights have a unique yet endearing look, with suitable durability for outdoor use. The high-impact ABS material can withstand the elements, and the IPX7 waterproof design means they can take the rain, heat, and whatever else the great outdoors throw at them. Not to mention, the lifetime warranty through Vont has you covered if the lights have material defects from manufacturing, or if they’re ever lost or stolen.

Inside are 16 bright LEDs casting a wide 120-degree lighting angle, and delivering 100 Lumens of brightness. That will make a huge difference if you’re lighting a tree, fixture, or decoration, as more of the subject will be visible in the dark and illuminated. They’re super easy to install or place, with instant use available. Just drive the stake into your yard — or wherever you’re placing them — and tilt the head so the solar panel on top can get enough sunlight. There are 2 brightness modes, with low lasting for 12-hours, and high lasting for up to 6-hours with a full charge. The light can automatically swap between the 2 modes, as well, to conserve energy or light up darker areas. You can even remove the ground stake and mount the lights on poles, patios, walls, and more.

Generally the Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights 2-pack is $26, but it’s on sale right now at Amazon for $22. That would already be a great price, but thanks to a $10 off on-page coupon — which you’ll need to clip — you can get an even bigger discount, dropping the total to $16 with free Prime shipping. If you decide to add multiple 2-packs to your cart, you’ll get the $10 off the total at checkout.

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