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Illuminate your home and party with Vont’s Smart LED Strip Lights

Vont Smart Led Light Strip kit with everything including mobile app.

Smart lights are great, especially when you can automate them using a smart assistant like Alexa or Google. With a smart assistant connected, you can control them using your voice, set-up schedules, and so much more. But it’s even better when those lights include groovy functionality. Imagine syncing a colorful strip of LEDs with your music, or movies. Or illuminating your kitchen, bedroom, or living room in a multitude of beautiful, vibrant hues. Now, also imagine being able to control that entire experience from within a mobile app. That’s what Vont’s 2022 Smart LED Light Strip offers.

While it comes in 16.4-foot and 32.8-foot sizes, both of which are decidedly long, you can cut it to any length with guidance from the specified marks. Basically, that allows you to trim the strip down to fit the size of a desk, table, or any surface dimensions. Once applied using the adhesive backing, you can control everything about the strip and its lights without buying any secondary devices such as a hub. Let Alexa or Google Assistant control the lights, configure them using the included remote, or just use the mobile app to adjust brightness, colors, and more. If all of that sounds fantastic to you, you can take advantage of a 40% off on-page coupon via Amazon for the 16.4-foot strip. Normally $20, just clip that on-page coupon, and at checkout, you’ll see the price drop to $12. The 32.8-foot strip is a bit more, at its normal price of $36.

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A light strip, like Vont’s smart LED strip, is much more manageable and versatile than a bulb. Thanks to the adhesive, it can be attached to virtually any surface, and because it can be cut, you can trim it to be nearly invisible — like mounting it to the underside of a desk, for example. You can place light strips above or below cupboards in your kitchen, below counters and surfaces, and inside furniture, such as bookshelves or humidors. You can even attach them to the back of a TV, to illuminate the wall behind the TV while also syncing with the beats and sounds of music or other media. It’s a neat setup, and it will completely transform your space, whether that’s your living room or another area of your home.

Family enjoying a soccer game on TV with a Vont Smart LED Light Strip installed in their home.

Vont’s Smart LED Strip Lights boast up to 16 million colors, so you can adjust in a wide variety of hues and combinations. It can all be done through the mobile app, as well, or even using your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. The real benefits are realized through the automation and smart functionality, though. You can set your lights to turn on or off every night at a certain time. You can also set timers to control the lights. You’re in full control, but you can use that automation to make your life so much easier which is always a plus! You could also set the lights to turn on, or off, automatically while you’re away from home, like while you’re at work or on vacation.

Vont’s lights also feature a lifetime warranty against loss, theft, and material defects. If something goes wrong out of your control, you should be able to replace them easily. The light strips are available in two sizes, a 16.4-foot strip, and a larger 32.8-foot strip. The 16.4-foot strip is on sale currently with a 40% off on-page coupon available through Amazon. Usually, Vont’s smart LED light strip in the smaller size would be $20, but after clipping the coupon, the discounted price of $12 will be available at checkout.

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