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Control your home electronics from anywhere with a WeMo Maker, now 18 percent off

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Looking for a better way to control your home electronics? With the WeMo Maker, all you need is your smartphone. The WeMo Maker lets you automate as much of your home as you like with their growing product line, and right now the Maker itself is currently discounted to just $66 on Amazon.

The WeMo works in conjunction with the free WeMo app, available for Android, iOS, and Kindle, to control nearly any low-voltage WeMo electronic device from your smartphone or tablet. Simply connect the WeMo Maker to a device and your home Wi-Fi network to enjoy full visibility and control. You can turn devices on and off, put them on a schedule, and create automated rules to fit your needs and preferences using IFTTT. 

Use the device to open and close blinds, turn WeMo LED light bulbs on and off, or even set sprinklers. You can choose to automate as much or as little of your home as you’d like, and connect different components as you add more WeMo products to your home. For those who love to take things apart and understand how they work, you’ll love that you can connect the WeMo Maker to research robotics and control them from your smartphone. Some knowledge of electrical wiring is useful for easy operation of the WeMo Maker with various devices, but there’s no need to be an expert. If you’re a newbie, this device is the perfect opportunity to learn.

The WeMo Maker normally retails for $80 but is currently discounted to $66 on Amazon, saving you $14 (18 percent). Ready to build out your whole WeMo system? Mini plugs are on sale on Amazon for just $30, and you can snag a light switch or two for just under $48 each.

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