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Where to buy AirPods Pro with delivery in time for Christmas

AirPods Pro resting on an iPhone with open charging case nearby.

If you’re looking to buy Apple AirPods Pro in time for Christmas, we’ve found the retailer for you. Right now, Staples still has stock of the Apple AirPods Pro so you can have them in just one to two days for $199, a savings of $50 on the usual price. These aren’t the cheapest deal out there right now as that honor goes to Amazon, but the catch is that you’ll have to wait until January to get them. Who wants to wait that long, right? If you’re keen to enjoy the wonders of AirPods Pro sooner rather than later, you need to buy them from Staples. Here’s what you need to know about the Apple AirPods Pro.

The Apple AirPods Pro are easily some of the best earbuds out there right now. If you’re an Apple device owner, you have an even better reason to buy some. That’s because they take barely any time to pair up with all your Apple devices. You thought connecting Bluetooth devices was pretty quick anyhow? It’s got nothing on how fast you can pair up AirPods Pro with your iPhone or iPad. It’s near-seamless to switch between Apple devices too, proving super useful if you have a lot of different devices.

That wouldn’t matter if the Apple AirPods Pro didn’t sound great but they do. They offer active noise cancellation which cancels out any unwanted sound near you. For those times when you do want to listen back in, you can always switch over to the earbuds’ transparency mode to reconnect with the world. Adaptive EQ means that your music sounds great too with the earbuds automatically tuning music to the shape of your ear. A superior experience than most, they sound great. That’s also why it’s important to use one of the three soft, tapered silicone eartips that come with your earbuds to get things just right. A wireless charging case also offers up more than 24 hours of battery life and the convenience of not needing to have cables lying around.

If you want the Apple AirPods Pro in time for Christmas, you need to buy them from Staples. The sales season has wiped out stock at most other retailers and if you buy now from Staples, you’ll actually see your new earbuds in the next couple of days rather than the next month. Don’t delay — buy today. You won’t regret it.

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