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Where to buy an Echo Dot with delivery in time for Christmas

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For shoppers who weren’t able to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals to add smart speakers to their homes, you still have the chance to do so with this offer from Best Buy for the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot. The retailer is selling the Alexa-powered device for just $20, after a $20 discount that halves its original price of $40. If you make your purchase now, you’ll get the smart speaker by Dec. 6, instead of on Dec. 28 or Dec. 29 if you buy from Amazon’s Cyber Monday Amazon Echo deals.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot was released in 2018, but it’s still capable of delivering a smart home experience that’s magnified if you have several of these devices around the house. When comparing the third-generation Echo Dot and second-generation Echo Dot, the 2018 version features softer edges that will help it blend in better with your furniture, a significantly bigger driver for more robust sound, and a new microphone setup that can pick up your voice from a significant distance even while it’s playing music. Meanwhile, between the third-generation Echo Dot and fourth-generation Echo Dot, the older model still has its merits with its slimmer and less noticeable profile, as well as its cheaper price.

The primary purpose of the Amazon Echo Dot is to use voice commands for Amazon’s Alexa, like all the best Alexa speakers. There’s a wide variety of Alexa commands and Alexa skills that you can try with the Echo Dot, including searching for information, playing your favorite music, and controlling your other smart home devices. There’s also no hassle in setting up the Echo Dot, so you can start using the smart speaker to access Alexa almost immediately.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is a great gift for your family or your friends, especially if you purchase multiples. That’s certainly possible with Best Buy’s $20 discount, which halves the smart speaker’s price to $20 from its original price of $40. If you click that Buy Now button immediately, you’ll get the Echo Dot by December 6, so you can already start using the smart home device before the holidays, or for ample time to wrap it as a Christmas gift.

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