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Now $50, the Whistle GPS pet tracker keeps tabs on your dog the smart way

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Pet owners know how easy it is for a curious or excited animal to wander off. This can be a particularly big problem as the weather gets nicer and more folks take their furry friends for long walks, especially in crowded urban areas. Statistics show that one in three pets will get lost at some point in their lives.

Thankfully, GPS technology makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on your furry friend in real-time, with products like the Whistle GPS pet tracker. This handy little device clips onto your pet’s collar and syncs with your smartphone so you can track your animal in real time and receive instant notifications of its whereabouts. The Whistle tracker uses satellite-based geolocation along with the largest wireless network in the United States to provide coverage across the entire country.

Whistle GPS pet trackerSet up designated “Whistle zones” where your pet is allowed to wander, and if it leaves the safe area the GPS tracker will immediately send an alert to your phone. Along with real-time tracking and instant location notifications, the Whistle companion app can record and analyze your pet’s daily activity levels and give insights into the animal’s health and behavior.

The Whistle GPS pet tracker fits on collars up to one inch wide and is recommended for animals that weigh at least 15 pounds. The durable housing is shock-proof and waterproof so it can go virtually anywhere with your pet, and if you have multiple animals you can monitor them all using separate trackers synced to the same docking station in your home. The internal battery offers roughly 10 days of continuous use.

Normally $80, the Whistle GPS pet tracker comes down to just $50 on Best Buy after a limited-time $30 discount, so you can have peace of mind about bringing your furry friends on all your adventures without emptying your wallet.

$50 on Best Buy

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