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Cut your cooking time with the Yedi 9-in-1 pressure cooker for $85 on Amazon

Whether you’re a busy professional or an overwhelmed parent (or both), you’ve probably been thinking: Who has time to cook meals on a regular basis? Who has the extra energy to maneuver around the kitchen and use countless tools and equipment to prepare a single meal? When cooking, it usually involves sautéing, stirring, monitoring, possibly forgetting, burning, and on top of all that — cleaning. Honestly, who looks forward to all that? That’s why you need to get yourself a multicooker that does it all and is easy to clean, like the Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package programmable pressure cooker.

You can get the Yedi pressure cooker for the low price of $85 on Amazon — $35 less than its normal price of $120. This multipurpose kitchen miracle-worker is a fraction of the cost of more popular multicookers (Instant Pot, Ninja, Breville) but can do the exact same job(s), maybe even better.

This pressure cooker is a nine-in-one appliance. Aside from pressure cook, it can also slow cook, sauté, steam, warm, pasteurize, make cakes, yogurt, eggs and cook rice. Pressure cooking has been proven to effectively shorten cooking time. The process also reduces some food toxins because of the high pressure and intense heat. The Yedi also features 15 easy-touch cooking programs besides having the freedom to manually input cooking times and set different pressure levels as desired.

The package includes a lot of accessories, so there is no need to buy extra ones to fully utilize the pressure cooker. You get a tempered glass lid, two oven mittens, two egg racks, a steamer, ladle, two rice paddles, a measuring cup, an extra silicone sealing ring, the inner cooking pot, and a recipe book. All these items (besides the mitts and recipe book of course) are dishwasher-safe. You also get handy charts for settings and cooking times for different types of foods so that you can cook accurately. Let’s not forget the Yedi Houseware website and mobile app, where you have access to tons of recipes and content that’s regularly updated.

If you stack the steamer on top of the inner pot, you can cook two meals simultaneously. You can cook a stew in the inner pot while vegetables get steamed. Its six-quart inner pot features a three-ply bottom that evenly distributes heat and is big enough to cook a meal for a family of four. It has no chemical coating whatsoever, unlike most of today’s non-stick cookware.

Compared to boiling or frying, the Yedi pressure cooker cooks food in a way that helps to preserve its natural flavor and nutrients, resulting in healthier, more delicious and nutritious meals.

The Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package programmable pressure cooker has been given a terrific 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Customers have noted that it is an extremely versatile multicooker that includes a lot of accessories and is a true value for your money. Order it now on Amazon for only $85.

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