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Get ready: Yeedi Black Friday deals on smart vacuums and mops are so, so good

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There are a lot of smart vacuum options out there, and now’s one of the best times to start hunting with Black Friday so close, and the holiday shopping season underway. Normally, it means that what would usually be expensive is discounted heavily, but that’s not necessarily the case with smart robot vacuums. Yeedi’s devices, on the other hand, are affordable as-is, so when the deals start showing up, you can bet they’re worthwhile. The biggest questions then are if Yeedi’s robot vacuums stand up to comparable models and if they offer the same convenient features. Yes and yes, but it makes sense to look for yourself. You’ll find all of Yeedi’s best smart robot vacuums listed below, along with a host of deals you might want to take advantage of this week.

Yeedi Vac robot vacuum with advanced mapping — $180, was $300

Yeedi Vac robot vacuum with advanced mapping
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Best for pet families, with carpets, hard floors, or a hybrid of the two, this robot vacuum offers 3,000 pascals of suction power. A side brush and floating rolling brush help gather dust, pet hair, and debris collecting under surfaces, corners, and baseboards. The vacuum will run for up to 110 minutes per charge, before returning to its dock. Meanwhile, app and voice controls allow you to customize where it’s going and what it’s doing, including setting no-go zones, scheduling cleaning sessions, and more. With the current deal, you’re saving $120 on an already well-priced smart vacuum.

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Yeedi Vac Station: The cleaning master robot vacuum with self-clean station — $350, was $500

Yeedi Vac Station robot vacuum and mop
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This self-emptying system, thanks to the expansive dock, allows the vacuum to run for up to 200 minutes on a single charge, return quietly to its dock, empty the dustbin, charge, and then continue on its way, and it can do this for up to 30 days before you need to empty the dustbin in the base. You don’t have to do a single thing in between either. Like Yeedi’s other vacuums, it has app and voice controls, with a fully editable map, so you can adjust boundaries, set no-go zones, and more. The side brush cleans out nooks and crannies, so no dust bunnies are collecting in obvious places. Even after all of that, it’s a smart mop with carpet detection. It’s an excellent choice if you have a big house or surface area to clean. With the current deal, it’s $150 off too.

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Yeedi Vac 2 Pro: The best robot vacuum for families with kids — $300, was $450

Vac 2 Pro robot vacuum cleaning up candy
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They just keep getting bigger and better. The Vac 2 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo can run for up to 240 minutes on a single charge. It also offers 3,000 pascals of suction power and a patented oscillating mopping function that scrubs dried messes and stains. It’s compatible with the Yeedi self-empty station too, so it will auto-empty its dustbin if you have that in your home — although the station is optional. You get voice and app controls, customizable cleaning, an editable map, and smart visual navigation. All of that is available for $300 with the active deal, which is $150 off.

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Yeedi Mop Station Pro 3-in-1 robot vacuum and mop — $560, was $800

Yeedi Mop Station Pro product image with app example
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro 3 is the cream of the crop. The base station houses both an auto-empty dustbin for the solid debris, but also a fresh water bin for refilling the mop. As for the vacuum, it offers 3,000 pascals of suction power plus dual power spin mopping to really scrub some dirty floors. The 5200mAh battery offers up to 180 minutes of runtime on a single charge, enough to clean even a relatively large home or property. You also get app and voice controls, editable mapping, carpet detection, and a spacious 750-milliliter dustbin inside the vacuum. With the current deal, you’re saving $240.

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Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum and mop combo — $240, was $350

Robot Vacuum and mop cleaning a spill
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Kicking it up a notch with up to 200 minutes of runtime on a single charge, this 3,000-pascal suction power smart vacuum is also a mop. That’s right, it vacuums and mops, and carpet detection means it will avoid carpets to prevent them from getting wet and soiled. Visual and intelligent mapping for the home is fully customizable through the mobile app. You can edit the map, set virtual boundaries, and no-go zones. Plus, the vacuum can be set to run on a schedule with smart cleaning exactly when you want it. You’re saving $110 on this deal.

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