DT 'Picture This' tells the story of three passionate photographers trying out the new FUJIFILM X-T2 for the first time. Read about their experience and take a peek at some of their favorite photos they captured on their day out with Fujifilm.


LIFESTYLE Photographer

Emily Thomas’ first foray into photography began while writing for the Huffington Post. Posting her articles on Twitter, she quickly discovered the new social media site on the scene, Instagram. Emily started snapping photos with just her iPhone in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. She bought her first camera a year and half after her first Instagram post and continually encourages her followers to get out and experience the world around them.

Emily’s love of travel combined with her unique eye for capturing special moments allows her to discover places, people, and things in a way many photographers cannot. In order to capture photos that help tell a story and honor a moment forever, it’s important for Emily to have a camera that is durable, weather-resistant and easy to travel with. Her first shoot with the FUJIFILM X-T2 proved to be her perfect partner in crime.

Many photographers think the ‘the bigger the camera, the better the quality', but Emily doesn’t believe that to be true any longer. Not only did the X-T2 stand apart from the rest because of its mirrorless body and portable, lightweight frame, but the quality of the photos and FUJINON lenses far surpassed Emily's expectations as she photographed in Seaside, Oregon.

Along with its outer shell, Emily appreciated the camera’s versatility. Moments can escape you in an instant, and she felt the FUJIFILM X-T2 enables the photographer to easily and efficiently adjust settings using the rotator dials atop the device. She also loved that the X-T2 could shoot 4K video within such a compact frame. Check out some of Emily’s photos from Cape Kiwanda, Canon Beach and Eccola State Park in Oregon, below.

If you’re new to photography, the FUJIFILM X-T2 is perfect because you can see what the picture looks like and adjust in real time."

shot with the



Lavenda Memory is a professional photographer, entrepreneur and full-time fashion blogger based out of Portland, Oregon. Her love for fashion styling and art direction inspired her to start her blog, Lavenda’s Closet. She began the blog to feed her creativity and  spend more time with her beautiful daughter, Ella. Her boyfriend Jose has been helping shoot photos for the past 3 years. The duo has built a specific style together that lends itself to top brand collaborations such as BCBGeneration, Dior Makeup and H&M.

Chasing the light can be an issue for many bloggers, but for Lavenda and boyfriend/photographer Jose, the FUJIFILM X-T2 proved to solve that problem by offering high ISO settings and a readily available aperture ring directly on the lens. This allows Jose to adjust his shots quickly and capture the perfect, flowy street style photos the duo loves most. 

Jose really took a liking to the sharp three-way tilt LCD screen on the camera which allowed them to review their photos moments after they were taken. The crisp, vivid colors of each shot had them falling over for the FUJINON lenses. To them, it’s the quality of the lenses that sets the camera apart from competitors on the market.

The pair is used to shooting in full-frame, but with the FUJIFILM X-T2 Lavenda no longer feels limited by a lens; the camera’s APS-C sensor and burst mode ensured that every move Lavenda made was captured and caught in action. Check out some of Lavenda’s photos from Downtown Portland, below.

Lavenda and Jose found the XF18-55mm zoom lens to be the exact fit for their needs because they could easily increase their shutter speed to capture multiple effortless street style shots.

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ADVENTURE & MUSIC Photographer

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Jake Chamseddine got into photography as a kid, documenting his friends skateboarding, snowboarding and the like. His love for photography encouraged him to get a degree in New Media from Oregon State University. It was in college when Jake began sneaking his camera into concerts and quickly got him noticed by promotors. This launched his career in music photography which soon led to touring with bands like Panic! At the Disco, Super Duper Kyle and G-Easy. When not on the road, Jake spends his time enjoying outdoor adventures, sneaking street style portraits and more.

Love at first sight is what Jake felt when he first laid eyes on the FUJIFILM X-T2. It brought him back to his very first 35mm camera, with knobs and dials that allowed him to slow down and enjoy the art of composing again - a feeling he had not experienced in a while. 

The feature Jake loves from the X-T2, is the live viewfinder. Not only does it show the truest colors he’s seen, but its ability to tilt out, down, and sideways helps him find different angles that would normally be too difficult to capture. 

Because of Jake’s run-and-gun shooting style, it’s important for him to have a camera that is durable, inconspicuous and lightweight. The X-T2 is the perfect companion for his day-to-day needs, allowing him to capture on the go with a variety of lenses in his backpack. Check out some of the photos he captured while shooting sunrise at Larch Mountain in Portland, Oregon.

When it came time for post, I was blown away with the ability to edit the RAW files and how much I could do with them.

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- X-Trans CMOS III & X-Processor Pro for Superior Color Rendition and Image Quality
- 4K Video Recording with Optional Film Simulation Overlay
- Optional Vertical Power Booster Grip for 11fps
- Exceptional AF Performance 
- Film Simulations for Stills and Film Heritage
- Incredible Image Quality and Sharpness 
- Pairs Perfectly with FUJINON Lenses

- Weather-Resistant Structure for Tough Conditions