Chasing the horizon: The future of mobility tech

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One might think the future of mobility lives on the coast, but in reality, the future of mobility lives in Michigan.

Today, mobility is about technology and all the options it creates. Michigan is at the epicenter of this new mobility, driven by innovation and an unparalleled transportation-focused ecosystem. It's where you'll find cutting-edge testing and research facilities alongside the world's largest manufacturers getting together with the world's most creative new startups.

So how did Michigan come to be recognized as a leader in transforming the automotive industry from traditional manufacturing to the next generation of mobility technology?

Here are 6 reasons why Michigan is leading the future of mobility tech:

Michigan's next generation of talent
Reason 01

Reason 01

Michigan's next generation of talent


universities and colleges

in Michigan offer nationally-ranked undergraduate engineering programs and 4 offer nationally-ranked graduate programs.


in the United States

Michigan boasts the highest concentration of people employed in engineering-related jobs.


high school in the nation

Pinckney Community High School, with a dedicated cybersecurity program.

Enabling investment through legislation
Reason 02

Reason 2

Enabling investment through legislation

Michigan is a top 15 state

for business tax climate and continues to streamline regulations, grow workforce, and improve the overall environment for investment and economic growth.

$20 million in funding

was earmarked by the state of Michigan for investment in next-generation mobility technology companies and pilot programs during the 2019 fiscal year

Michigan CAV Legislation

leads the nation, allowing driverless cars and vehicle platoon testing on public roads.

Michigan CAV Legislation

leads the nation, allowing driverless cars and vehicle platoon testing on public roads.

State of the art testing and infrastructure
Reason 03

Reason 3

State of the art testing and infrastructure

500+ miles of roadway

equipped for connected vehicle testing by 2020.

Home to some of the nation's

top automated vehicle testing sites.

Investing in the future of manufacturing
Reason 04

Reason 04

Investing in the future of manufacturing



have headquarters or technology center in Michigan.


exporter of transportation

equipment in the united States.


billion in OEM and supplier

investment in Michigan since 2009, more than 3 times any other state.


of the top 100

automotive suppliers to North America have a presence in Michigan and 60 are headquartered here.

Reason 5

Entreprenurial ecosystem

Entreprenurial ecosystem
Reason 05

21 venture capital firms

and 8 angel investors funded mobility technology startups in Michigan, while another 61 provided entrepreneurial support

6th in the nation

for number of inventors, with more than 10,00 that were issued patents in 2017.

Reason 6

Michigan's mobility initiative

Reason 06
Enabling investment through legislation

To get started, mobility startups need support and investment. PlanetM offers testing and pilot mobility grants to get ideas off the ground, and companies a chance to use state-of-the-art facilities to develop and refine their technologies.

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