E3 2019: Complete Coverage

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the largest annual gaming events in the world, thrown by the Entertainment Software Association every summer in Los Angeles. Gamers everywhere eagerly await announcements about the following year’s game and hardware releases from major players like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda, along with countless smaller developers and publishers. Stay tuned all week for announcements, interviews, and hands-on impressions for the games you’ll be craving in the next year.

Xbox One X review: Still the most powerful console

Xbox One X is the most powerful console, but should you get it?
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Xbox One X vs. PlayStation 4 Pro

We compare Microsoft's Xbox One X to Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro to help decide which console is right for you.
Xbox One X

The eight biggest flops, fails, and blunders in E3 history

E3 has had a ton of spectacular moments in its 25-year history. But it has also had its fair share of spectacularly awful moments, too. Following in the glow of E3 2019, we compiled eight of the biggest flops, fails, and blunders in E3 history

E3 2019: The games you can play right now

Although most of the games unveiled at E3 this year won't be seen for at least a few months (if not years), there were some surprise releases. We've corralled the games and expansions shown at E3 that you can play right now.
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