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These Qualcomm-powered eSight glasses can bring sight to the blind

We’ve been trying to improve our eyesight for centuries, but it wasn’t until the age of wearable devices that we could bring the power of a digital camera to our glasses. eSight Electronic Glasses can go a step further than ordinary glasses; they rely on some of the most up-to-date camera technology to create a life-changing device designed for visually impaired users to see the world around them, and for some, for the very first time.

The eSight Electronic Glasses’ lightweight frame is mounted with a small camera over the user’s nose that projects the world into the eyes of the user in real time through two high-definition screens. This innovative solution allows users with vision too poor to be improved with the help of regular lenses to experience greatly improved sight.

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With the help of a handheld remote, eSight users can enhance the image by adjusting the focus, altering the contrast, and changing the color of what is in front of them. The eSight Electronic Glasses can even magnify the projections by up to twenty-four times, letting the device double as a pair of binoculars for users struggling to read the presentation at the front of a boardroom, or just trying to get the most out of their favorite viewpoint.

While some wearable devices can be heavy and uncomfortable to wear, the eSight Electronic Glasses are lightweight and worn like a regular pair of glasses. This is thanks in part to the Qualcomm APQ8096 application processor, which is capable of supporting some of the most advanced digital media technology without burning through power. With the APQ8096 application processor, the eSight can be both small and long-lasting, so users can enjoy the smiles on the faces of their loved ones for longer without feeling weighed down. This is yet another example of life-changing technology built on Qualcomm Technologies’ low-power breakthroughs.

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