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Fathers Day Gift Guide

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Feed dad’s inner-geek with all the data and devices he needs to set up his in-home mission control. It’s all at Best Buy and it’s only father’s day once a year.

Samsung 55” Ultra HD smart TV

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Sometimes, the best Father’s Day gifts are the ones we can all enjoy. Bring the whole family together to bask in the glow of 55 inches, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, home theater awesomeness. This cinema quality display provides instant access to online video content and all your social media accounts. Dad will thank you, but more important, you will thank you.

Fitbit Surge fitness super watch

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For the dad who tracks every calorie he burns on his one-block walk to the burger joint, or the serious triathlete constantly seeking greater performance, a Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch is the go-to accessory. Accurately log pace, distance and elevation gain through the built-in GPS and see how the data stacks up. It even features all-day heart readings, which could come in handy after enough of those burgers.

Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones

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Perhaps the best gift for dads this year is something to cancel out all the noise – the crying babies, the neighbor’s lawnmower, the city construction. Specially designed for all iOS products, delivering acoustic performance to rival a full-size headphone, these headphones take dad into full-on 80s synth revival mode, while blocking out all the nagging items in his life. He deserves it for a day.

Zepp 3D analyzer

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Regardless of the scorecard, every dad can bring some bragging rights with innovative new gear on their next golf outing. And what’s more innovative than 3D swing data? The small, lightweight Zepp device attaches to a golf glove delivering instant analysis of club speed, swing plane and other vital 3D stats to a nearby mobile device, so he can adjust Dad’s game in real time.

Nest Learning thermostat

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As the king of his castle, every Dad should have total control of home, all at the touch of a button. With the wi-fi connected Nest Learning Thermostat, you can save money by setting and adjusting home temperatures from anywhere in the world. This smart device also learns your habits, automatically putting things into savings mode when no one’s around. This is the next level of kingdom.