CES 2005 Unveiled Part 2

Welcome to part two of our 2005 CES coverage. In our part one coverage of this fantastic show, we featured products which fell into three basic categories: displays, media devices such as Media Center PC?s and streaming media devices, and IPTV based products, not to mention a few products which simply stood out among others. Part two has a very strong showing of home audio products as well as a few miscellaneous products which were just too cool not to show off.

If you see any mistakes, please send any corrections to info@designtechnica.com and we will make sure to fix the error. Some pictures are missing product or even company information. We had two choices, either we do not show the products at all, or we show them on the site without information. As you can see we decided to go with the latter because we felt these products were just too cool to pass up. We hope you will agree.

Mission Loudspeakers was located at Alexis Park, which is a short distance from the convention center at the Las Vegas Hilton. Their new M-Cube speakers come in two colors, Ivory and Midnight and would look good in any room of the home.

Mission M Cube Speakers

Speaker driver manufacturer Vifa was at this years CES and had several attractive speaker systems on display. We noticed a lot of manufacturers using a piano black finish on their cabinets.

Vifa Speakers

These speakers have a hot pink finish that resembles the same paint process a car goes through.

Hot Pink Baby!

I think these next speakers were at the Meridian booth, but I cannot remember. They are taller than me!

Whoa, so big!

We were able to get a picture of Krell?s CEO and Chief Engineer, Dan D?Agostino with his company?s new evolution series of components. Price at around $45,000 dollars, the Evolution series of components were some of the best looking home audio products we saw at the show.

Krells Evolution Series

We saw this company who I think handles the manufacturing for speaker enclosures. They had the B&W Nautilus series enclosure on display at their booth.

Nautilus Speaker

This Philips MP3 player is meant to be used without headphones and features its own built in speakers. The Philips rep said this could be used as an alarm clock for travelers. It runs off two AA batteries.

Philips MP3 player

One of the coolest companies we found at CES was Skullcandy. They seemed to have a completely different look and feel for their products. Who says that snowboarders or skateboards do not care about how their portable audio sounds? Skullcandy also had a cool snowboarding helmet with built in speakers, unfortunately we didn?t grab a picture.

Skulcandy CD Player

Here is Designtechnica?s own Aaron Lee standing next to some fine art. Ok, it?s really an LCD screen that changes images that you store in it.

Thats some fine art!

We saw computers take on a number of shapes and sizes at this years show, from Disney branded computers to something straight out of Star Wars, there appears to be no limit to what these companies can think up.

Computers of the future?

This Disney branded computer would look great in your child?s room. We don?t know what type of software it comes preloaded with, but our best guess would be at least a Disney themed GUI.

Disney hits the PC market hard

This computer reminds us of the floating orb Darth Vader uses to interrogate his prisoners. You be the judge.

The scary orb

This company had several computers that each had their own theme, which is hand painted. Some themes would look better suited to the office while others would look good in your child?s room.  They also have a small form factor, with the computer components built into the back of the monitor.

Your children will love it

The Donald would love to have the new Hy-Tek 370 Media Center PC in his home. With a powerful 3.2GHz processor and 200GB of storage space, this all-in-one system doubles as a PVR and television.

Tek Panel 370

And lastly, during Bill Gates keynote speech, it was announced that you would be able to play back shows recorded with your TiVo on your Microsoft based Portable Media Player. Who wouldn?t love that!

TiVo in your palm

We will have Dennis Barkers? CES 2005 wrap-up posted on the site next week.

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