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The Division 2 review

After 55 hours with The Division 2, it’s clear that Ubisoft has improved on the original in almost every way. The world is richly detailed, the story missions are wonderful, gunplay and enemy design are great, and the… See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Dark Souls II Review

  • New areas are filled with difficult enemies
  • Level design recalls original Dark Souls
  • New equipment offers interesting twists
  • Story remains shrouded
  • Somewhat anticlimactic
Our Score 9

Dark Souls II Review

  • Lots of subtle changes keep things fresh while the…
  • The most confident and difficult Souls game yet
  • Huge, sprawling world feels very different from…
  • Enemies have finite respawns
  • Multiplayer remains inconsistent
Our Score 9

InFamous: Second Son Review

  • Switching powers keeps things fresh
  • Moving around the city is a blast
  • Challenging, but balanced fights
  • Repetitive sidequests
  • Missed opportunities in the story
  • Somewhat generic story missions
Our Score 8.5

Battlefield Hardline Review

  • Best fusion of story and Battlefield play to date
  • Stealth elements completely change the flow of the…
  • Embraces cops-and-robbers fiction in smart, fun…
  • The game is out and online play still works!
  • Lots of baggage in a post-Ferguson world
  • Conquest, Team Deathmatch modes don’t fit in
Our Score 9

EA Sports UFC Review

  • Versatile, deep fighting controls
  • Remarkable animation and fighter models
  • Admirably focused play options
  • Intrusive live action scenes
  • Limited character customization options may turn…
  • No useful instruction on how to play
Our Score 5

Battlefield 4 Review

  • Tremendous technical presentation
  • New squad play features, larger maps offer more…
  • Levolution produces repeatable standout moments
  • Mute protagonist creates too much separation…
  • More patches will be needed before multiplayer…
Our Score 9

Grid Autosport Review

  • Strong racing simulation
  • Lean career mode emphasizes getting you into the…
  • Multi-disciplinary level progression lets you play…
  • Visual presentation not up to the standards of…
Our Score 8

Lichdom: Battlemage Review

  • Gorgeous world
  • Satisfyingly nuanced combat
  • Deep spellcrafting system
  • Uneven progression pacing results in too much…
  • Linear corridor-style shooting a bad fit for a…
Our Score 7