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‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ review

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a loving tribute to Nintendo and video game history. It’s a terrific multiplayer fighter that also has plenty for single-player fans to love this time around. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Dark Souls II Review

  • New areas are filled with difficult enemies
  • Level design recalls original Dark Souls
  • New equipment offers interesting twists
  • Story remains shrouded
  • Somewhat anticlimactic
Our Score 9

Dark Souls II Review

  • Lots of subtle changes keep things fresh while the…
  • The most confident and difficult Souls game yet
  • Huge, sprawling world feels very different from…
  • Enemies have finite respawns
  • Multiplayer remains inconsistent
Our Score 9

InFamous: Second Son Review

  • Switching powers keeps things fresh
  • Moving around the city is a blast
  • Challenging, but balanced fights
  • Repetitive sidequests
  • Missed opportunities in the story
  • Somewhat generic story missions
Our Score 8.5

Battlefield Hardline Review

  • Best fusion of story and Battlefield play to date
  • Stealth elements completely change the flow of the…
  • Embraces cops-and-robbers fiction in smart, fun…
  • The game is out and online play still works!
  • Lots of baggage in a post-Ferguson world
  • Conquest, Team Deathmatch modes don’t fit in
Our Score 9

EA Sports UFC Review

  • Versatile, deep fighting controls
  • Remarkable animation and fighter models
  • Admirably focused play options
  • Intrusive live action scenes
  • Limited character customization options may turn…
  • No useful instruction on how to play
Our Score 5

Battlefield 4 Review

  • Tremendous technical presentation
  • New squad play features, larger maps offer more…
  • Levolution produces repeatable standout moments
  • Mute protagonist creates too much separation…
  • More patches will be needed before multiplayer…
Our Score 9

Grid Autosport Review

  • Strong racing simulation
  • Lean career mode emphasizes getting you into the…
  • Multi-disciplinary level progression lets you play…
  • Visual presentation not up to the standards of…
Our Score 8

Lichdom: Battlemage Review

  • Gorgeous world
  • Satisfyingly nuanced combat
  • Deep spellcrafting system
  • Uneven progression pacing results in too much…
  • Linear corridor-style shooting a bad fit for a…
Our Score 7