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“The more you play, the less fun you have.”
  • Good for parties
  • A rare Kinect party game for an older demo
  • An ok diversion
  • Kinect lag is a killer
  • Imprecise controls
  • Not enough games

Sports and the Kinect feel like a natural pairing; after all, the Kinect is all about activity. So it is no surprise that joining Kinect Sports on the launch day is another sports based game from Ubisoft, MotionSports. Where Kinect Sports targets groups of all ages from youths to adults through slightly cartoony-looking games, MotionSports is a party game for a slightly older demographic. The presentation is a bit more graphically impressive, and the events are more varied and attempt to capture a sense of realism (to a degree).

MotionSports offers players a series of mini-games in the following categories: football, boxing, soccer, hang gliding, horseback riding, and skiing. You begin the game with one option in each sport, and as you progress through the game you unlock more challenges in each category. Most of the events are fairly basic. For example, in the football category you begin as a running back and duck, jump, and dodge to avoid obstacles. In the skiing, you lean side to side to simulate downhill skiing, while crouching to accelerate. All of the games are fairly straightforward and simple.

The lag in the Kinect makes these games more for a party setting than for sports fans looking to simulate the games. The boxing is notably laggy, and a half second to a second delay turns people with quick reflexes into flailing noobs. In both the boxing and soccer, you cannot see your limbs, which is odd for a control that frequently becomes imprecise.

The more you get into these games, the less fun you will have. If you take it easy and just play the game casually, you will enjoy your time with MotionSports. If you try to compete, the lag will become a major issue quickly. Still, if you are looking for a party game to casually play with friends (up to four players, generally one at a time with a few exceptions), then MotionSports offers a little something for almost everyone.

Score: 7 out of 10

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(This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360 on a copy provided by Ubisoft)

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