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‘God of War’ review

In a new land, on a new journey, God of War evolves beyond the button-mashing action of its youth into an action game with engaging combat and an engrossing story. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Civilization Revolution 2 Review

  • It’s a portable Civilization game
  • Visual makeover falls close to recent entries in…
  • Very little in the way of new content
  • Way too expensive for such a marginal improvement
  • Veteran players may not enjoy simplified play
Our Score 4

The Wolf Among Us: Season One Review

  • Terrific conclusion
  • Exciting set pieces
  • Needlessly puzzling tease for the second season
Our Score 10

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review

  • Mechanically sound running and gunning
  • Escalation captures all of the (few) best bits in…
  • Incoherent cross-continuity story
  • Bland visuals, insipid design
  • Clearly needed more bug-fixing and QA time
Our Score 2

Entwined Review

  • Elegant dual control stick gameplay
  • Beautiful, minimalistic art style
  • Rich with emotion and feeling
  • Great for experienced or new players
  • Short (only 9 levels, or a few hours)
  • Dragon controls are a little off
Our Score 8

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review

  • Beautiful cartoon-style graphics
  • Lots of historical information to dig through
  • Puzzles are rarely challenging, sometimes overly…
  • Story lacks emotional resonance
Our Score 5

EA Sports UFC Review

  • Versatile, deep fighting controls
  • Remarkable animation and fighter models
  • Admirably focused play options
  • Intrusive live action scenes
  • Limited character customization options may turn…
  • No useful instruction on how to play
Our Score 5

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

  • Unique premise.
  • Visually rich environment design.
  • Possessing cats? Yes please.
  • Plenty of interesting optional content.
  • Empty characters.
  • Zero challenge.
  • Game spells out every choice you have to make.
  • Optional content is better than the main game.
Our Score 4

The Wolf Among Us – Episode Four: In…

  • Stellar writing
  • Stellar voice performances
  • Stellar overall
  • None. This is basically just filler text.
Our Score 10