2K Games announces The Darkness 2

2k games announces the darkness 2 ii announcementThose that played the original The Darkness will likely remember one thing about it—it was dark. No, that is not a pun, the game was one of the darkest themed games around, with loved ones dying horribly and the evil entity of the Darkness kinda kicking the crap out of everyone, including the protagonist. It was not exactly kid friendly, especially when people’s heads exploded and the like.

Hitman Jackie Estacado returns in The Darkness II, despite the previous title not having ended on a particularly happy note for the guy. The sequel picks up two years after the events of the previous game, and 2K has promised to stay close to the character’s comic book roots. In the time since the events of the previous game, Jackie has been dealing with the losses he suffered, and he has managed to contain the Darkness within him.  when a mafia-based attack on Jackie triggers a full-scale mob war, the Darkness to returns and Jackie is dragged to Hell and back, literally.

The Darkness II will also feature “quad-wielding”, allowing the player to fire two weapons, while simultaneously using the powers of darkness to attack, slash, throw, and generally mess people up.

Look for The Darkness II on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in Fall.