3D Blu-Ray and YouTube Coming Soon to the PS3

3d blu ray and youtube coming soon to the ps3 sony3d inline video 1231557190

You have to hand it to Sony, once the company has an idea, it sticks to it. The push for 3D technology continues, as Sony has announced more support will be coming soon for the PlayStation 3 that will allow owners to watch 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D YouTube, and view 3D pictures.

Joystiq is reporting that a new batch of firmware will soon be heading to the PS3 to further support the evolution of the 3D market.

The first firmware will be to support Blu-ray 3D movies, and it will be available via the PlayStation Network on September 12. The YouTube update will be available within the next 12 months, and the support for 3D pictures is due later this year.  Sony also recently unveiled a pair of new 3D digital still cameras as well, and the line of Sony’s 3D TVs continues to grow.

Microsoft has yet to show the same enthusiasm for the new medium, but an Xbox 360 firmware update to allow 3D games and possibly video content is rumored to be on the way. Nintendo will soon be releasing the 3DS, a 3D handheld console, but the limitations of the Wii’s hardware make 3D gaming unlikely.