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‘3on3 Freestyle’ looks to bring back arcade basketball in the form of a pickup game

3on3 Freestyle Beta Trailer
Basketball games have been getting increasingly realistic over the past decade, with photorealistic player models, hundreds of different statistics, and dedicated fans, but if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, simple, and fun, Joycity’s 3on3 Freestyle looks like it will be the answer.

3on3 Freestyle is designed to be a basketball game for everyone — encompassing both those who have been playing basketball simulations for years and those who just enjoy playing pickup games on the street.

“To authentically capture the desires of both, we went on a global journey to meet gamers all around the world and visit[ed] renowned street basketball courts to interact with street basketball teams, players, and fans,” says Joycity’s Marc Guerrier on the PlayStation Blog.

Interacting with so many different types of basketball players greatly influenced the design of 3on3 Freestyle. All available characters in the game not only appear differently, but will also have unique moves, tricks, playing styles, and stories. You’ll be able to swap out different characters instantly to adapt to your opponent, as well.

“The teams in 3on3 Freestyle are built like the real street basketball teams which can be comprised of a speedy ball handler, a rangy swing man with lockdown defensive skills, and a powerful rim protector to protect the paint,” Guerrier adds.

Joycity also wanted to capture the feeling of playing against another squad with your own friends, which is translated in the game’s multiplayer options. In addition to normal online play, you’ll be able to challenge players from around the world with two of your friends sitting in the same room — whether or not you make your own jerseys is up to you.

3on3 Freestyle will be holding a closed beta on PlayStation 4 before the end of the year, which you can sign up for here. Its world and characters are created by Evan Skolnick, who worked on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and the canceled Star Wars: 1313.

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