4GB Xbox 360 Shipping This Week

4gb xbox 360 shipping this week 430 310 crop resizeOn shelves tomorrow, the replacement for Xbox 360’s Arcade model has arrived. The new console will include all the trimmings of the freshly redesigned console bundle, including built-in WiFi, one wireless controller, five USB ports and the redesigned internal workings that offer a cooler and quieter running console. The primary difference will, of course, be the hard drive.  The recently released Xbox 360 bundles contain a 250GB hard drive and sells for $299.  The Arcade-like model will feature a 4GB flash hard drive only, but owners will have the option to purchase a larger hard drive, although no word yet on when and for how much the 250GB drive will sell.

Sales of the Xbox 360 have been extremely solid over the last month. Microsoft’s console saw a 6-percent increase in sales, and outsold both the PS3 and the Wii. Those sales, however, were buoyed by older Xbox 360s being sold at discounted prices in order to make room for the new models. The release of the new 4GB Xbox 360 should determine whether the console is facing a new upswing in sales, or if the price of the discounted older units was a momentary spikes. The 4 GB model price will be in line with the current Xbox 360 Arcade at $199.