6thfinger is a high-tech hack to keep your mobile game going when you have to step away

6thfinger iPad

If you hate being attacked in Clash of Clans overnight as you sleep, fear not – there’s now a small device that can keep your device awake so you can fend off those pesky nighttime raiders. The 6thfinger is a small disc that you can place on your smartphone or tablet’s screen in order to keep it awake when you step away from a mobile game.

“We developed the 6thfinger because of our love for mobile games,” according to the project’s Kickstarter page. “We longed for something that can keep the game active while we have to step away.”

The finger-mimicking device weighs in at 35 grams and is about the size of a thick watch face. Plug it into your smartphone or tablet’s audio jack and rest the 6thfinger on the screen and you can walk away knowing that your mobile device won’t go to sleep and mess with your progress in your favorite mobile game. The device also works on laptop touchpads and Windows 8 touchscreens.

No additional software or batteries are necessary to use the 6thfinger, which has an aluminum casing. A patent on the technology is pending.

The 6thfinger will retail for $25, but backers of its Kickstarter campaign can purchase it at a discount. The crowdfunding project, which closes on Dec. 26, has raised more than $12,400, exceeding the $8,000 goal. Shipments will begin in January.

Mobile gamers should consider the moral implications of using the 6thfinger to keep their games running 24/7, since it’s considered cheating in most circles. And if using a high-tech device like the 6thfinger seems excessive, you can always use a piece of fruit.