774 Deaths brings Square-Enix horror series Nanashi no Game to U.S.

774 deaths brings square enix horror series nanashi no game to u s

Little is scary about Square-Enix, at least aside from what it’s done to its beloved franchises; the Final Fantasy series has gotten pretty frightening in recent years. Heyo! Glibness aside, the company doesn’t really trade in horror, a notable exception being Nanshi no Game, or Nameless Game, for Nintendo DS. To date though, the series has only made it out in Japan. The new iPhone entry in the series, 774 Deaths, is bringing the franchise abroad.

Like an interactive rendition of The Ring, the 2008 title is the story of a cursed game that kills people who play it, but in a meta-game style twist, you play both the evil Dragon Quest-style RPG and the story of the real world where that game is sending people to their doom. The 2012 sequel Nanashi no App hit iPhone and Android devices in January and February respectively. 774 Deaths, a new platforming spinoff, released in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. on Monday though.

Deaths is hardly a guarantee that the other titles in the series will be released with English translations, but it’s a promising step. Nanashi no Game is one of the few titles released by Square-Enix in the past five years that exhibits half of the creative spirit that made the publisher’s output in ‘90s so memorable.