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A Good Bundle, a good deal: Fundraiser offers 150 indie games for $20

a good bundle charity fundraiser features 150 indie games for 20 gonehomegoodbundle
Looking for something to play over the holidays? Indie gaming marketplace is offering 150 digital PC games and applications as part of A Good Bundle and supporters can pick up the full set for only $20.

Featured games include standouts like Gone Home, ROM: Read Only Memories, and Proteus. Proceeds from the bundle will be split 50-50 between the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood in a bid to “combat some of the ugliness in our world,” according to

Launched in 2013, is an indie gaming resource that allows creators to upload, share, and sell their creations. The platform currently hosts nearly 40,000 games in total, many of which are playable in-browser. Most featured games are available as DRM-free downloads and the site offers an app allowing customers to browse and curate their past purchases.

A Good Bundle buyers who pitch in at least $2 toward the cause are given access to 89 games and applications, including Zoe Quinn’s text-based adventure game Depression Quest and Joseph Gribbin’s side-scrolling platformer MangoMan. Along with dozens of games, the collection also includes a variety of downloadable fonts and soundtrack albums like Space Crew EP and Resist EP.

Purchases of $8 or more will unlock 36 additional games, including standouts like Alex Ilitchev’s offbeat trivia game Monster Pub – Trivia Night, Itanican’s Windows and Mac brawler Go Team Yeah, Vectorpark’s interactive toy Windosill, and RobF’s neon-tinted arena shooter DRM: Death Ray Manta.

The full set of 150 games and applications is reserved for backers who pledge $20 or more. Top-tier offerings for A Good Bundle include Fullbright’s environmental exploration game Gone Home, Twisted Tree’s meditative island walkabout Proteus, MidBoss’ cyberpunk adventure game ROM: Read Only Memories, and Chris Chung’s feline mischief sim Catlateral Damage.

A Good Bundle is available for purchase through Tuesday.

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