A look at the technology behind SOCOM 4

a look at the technology behind socom 4 socom4 001The work is done, the developers have been released back into the wild once again, and the PR machine is going full bore. SOCOM 4 has been completed, and in just a few days, the game will be on shelves everywhere. At that point it will be easy to forget about the massive amount of work that went into the title–sure, we appreciate the details and judge the game on it, but the technical side is generally lost to the machinations of the game industry as the developers congratulate themselves on a job well done and move on to another project.

Because of the collective short attention spans of the world in general and gamers in specific, the details that go into the technical side of a title like SOCOM 4 will soon be overlooked as soon as the next big game comes out. Before that happens though, take a quick peek at the work that went in to the development of SOCOM 4. The video is brief, but it is an interesting glance at how developers go about their thing.

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs is due out as a PS3 exclusive on April 19.