A new version of The 3rd Birthday trailer arrives

a new version of the 3rd birthday trailer arrives 3Does absence make the heart grow fonder? If so, then you should be very, very fond of The 3rd Birthday, the long awaited next installment of the Parasite Eve franchise. The PSP continuation of the survival-horror franchise doesn’t have a North American release date yet – or an English language version of the newest trailer – but that shouldn’t stop fans from keeping an eye out for this one.

The Parasite Eve series has been on a bit of a break; the last entry into the franchise was on the PlayStation One, when Parasite Eve II was released in 2000.  In the upcoming sequel you once again play as the scantily clad Aya, as you fight off a threat known as “The Twisted,” which has infected Manhattan.  Aya manges to retain her wonderfully exploitable mid-20 year old body thanks to her powers, despite her actual age and subsequent maturity being nearly 40. Several technical features will be included to really delve into this, including destructible pants, that are blown off as Aya fights.  The clothing will play a part in the actual gameplay, as the more clothing you wear, the more layers you have to destroy, which means you will have more protection- see the picture above.  Yes, it might be somewhat exploitive, but…  Anyway, the game is being described as a “cinematic action RPG.”

Check out the trailer below that debuted at the Tokyo Game Show and was reposted by Kotaku. Although it is in Japanese, you should get the idea. Evil things appear, you destroy them. The plot is probably more detailed than that, but until we get the English version, stuff blows up pretty. What more do you need to know?