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A Plague Tale: Requiem — Old Protector trophy and achievement guide

A Plague Tale: Requiem‘s heartrending tale of two siblings, Amicia and Hugo, seeking answers about a mysterious illness is a captivating one, and it’s filled with no shortage of twists and turns along the way. About halfway through the game, though, you’ll finally reach a sanctuary that promises to house some answers — though not all may be as it first seems. Moreover, this section of the journey is also where you can earn the Old Protector trophy or achievement, which tasks you with interacting with all of the old protector’s items while exploring the sanctuary.

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While getting the Old Protector trophy or achievement may seem straightforward — and it largely is — you can trigger a cutscene near the end of the area that can force you forward in the story, which means you’d have to replay the section later for the trophy or achievement. You’ll want to be sure you know precisely what to do so you don’t miss out, and we’ve got you covered below.

How to find all of the items for the Old Protector trophy or achievement

The Old Protector trophy or achievement can be obtained while exploring the sanctuary during Chapter IX: Tales and Revelations. Near the end of the chapter, you’ll enter a door where Amicia and Hugo finally discover the rooms of the previous protector and carrier. You’ll know you’re in the right place if Hugo takes off to a tent in the middle of the room. Talk to Hugo in the tent to trigger a quick discussion; you’ll then be able to explore and begin examining the items you need.

Amicia speaks to Hugo in a tent
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The first room contains three items to examine:

  • A wooden horse in the middle
  • A bed against a wall
  • Wooden toys to the left of the exit door

Continue through the door into the second room.

The second room contains four items to examine:

  • A suit of lady’s armor, directly ahead when you walk in
  • A wagon of toys against a column
  • A rack of weapons to the right of the armor
  • Wax tablets next the exit door

Continue through the door and into a small courtyard, then through another door into a laboratory.

The laboratory contains five items to examine:

  • An athanor (furnace) in a corner
  • Some type of powder or ashes in the floor against a wall
  • Phials against a wall
  • More phials in a corner
  • More phials behind the table where Hugo’s standing

Speak to Hugo, then pass through the curtain on the back wall. Head up the stairs and into the library.

The library contains two items to examine:

  • A scroll on the left wall
  • A grate in the center

When you’ve examined everything, you’ll pop the Old Protector trophy or achievement and be one step closer to fully completing A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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