AC/DC pinball machine is calling your inner gaming rock gods

AC DC Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

New Xbox 360 with Kinect and $99? Forget that! For a gaming machine that brings out all the might of your inner rock god, you may want to put aside that dusty set of Rock Band drums and guitar for the AC/DC pinball machine that’s equipped with classic hits from the band and wild graphic arts to boot.

One of the latest creations from Stern Pinball, Inc., the AC/DC pinball machine is outfitted with large band logos along the sides while letting players rock out to a selection of 12 songs, including “Back In Black,” “Highway To Hell,” and “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Animations of the band can also be seen in the digital score screen depending on your actions in the game while a jukebox song selector randomizes your next gaming soundtrack. Other features of the machine include two separate ramps, a lower play field, eight drop targets, a motorized ball cannon, and an 8-inch cabinet speaker for full musical blasts.

“The combination of classic rock and pinball can’t go wrong,” said Gary Stern, founder, CEO and chairman of Stern Pinball. “The music and play of the AC/DC machine delivers nothing less than the ultimate rock experience that both AC/DC fans and pinball players can appreciate.”

Stern Pinball has previously made other equally epic machines, including ones adapted to match The Rolling Stones, and blockbusters Avatar and Transformers. Other machines that are no longer in production also include Iron Man, Spider-man, The Sopranos, Elvis, Tron, Harley-Davidson, and more.

The AC/DC pinball machine comes in three price ranges and types: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition ($5,700, $7,700, and $8,500 respectively). It’s a big price tag for an epic gaming device, of course, but if you have a big budget, be sure to complete your man cave arcade with other luxury toys such as the Teckell gold-plated foosball table for a space sure to impress. Of course, you can also enjoy a more budget-friendly alternative with the AC/DC Pinball Rocks app at just $3 on iTunes.

To learn more about the AC/DC pinball machine or contact the company about purchasing, visit the official Stern Pinball website.