Activision Begins Competition for Independent Games

activision begins competition for independent games

Activision is in the news again, and this time it isn’t because of the Call of Duty series, and no one is suing them!  Today, Activision has announced that it will be hosting a competition for independent game makers, with $500,000 in prizes to be awarded, and a potential publishing deal to the winners.

“To help foster creativity and innovation from the rising talent in the independent game development community, Activision Publishing, Inc. today announced the call for submissions for the inaugural Activision Independent Games Competition – the first competition of its kind from a major third-party publisher,” the press release stated.

The winner will receive $175,000 for the game’s development, while the runner-up will receive a cool $75,000. There will also be a second round of competition that will award the remaining $250,000 which Activision will detail later.

Developers have until August 31 to enter their submissions, and winners will be announced in October. To be considered an indie game, the developers may not have purchased any new equipment, and the game may not have been displayed anywhere. Entrants must submit a synopsis of the game, a proposed budget, and a short demo with installation instructions. Details on the contest can be found here.

Once a winner is announced, Activision will have the first right to publish or refuse the game.