Activision’s Second Indie Game Competition Begins

activisions second indie game competition begins activisionFor the second year in a row, Activision has announced that it will play host to a competition for independent game developers, and it is currently accepting submissions.

The competition is open to all developers headquartered in the United States. Submissions will be accepted until December 31, 2011, and all entries will remain the property of the creators. A full list of rules can be found here:

The competition will be judged by IndieCade, one of the largest independent game communities around.

“Working with IndieCade is allowing Activision to bring our message of support directly to the community,” Dave Stohl, Executive Vice President of Studios, Activision said. “The programs IndieCade offers — conferences, awards and the annual IndieCade Festival, a celebration of independent studio success – touch the community core.”

The winner will receive $175,000, while the second place winners will receive $75,000 for the development of their games.

“This competition underscores Activision’s commitment to fostering creativity in the independent development community,” Stohl said. “Many of us began our careers as indies, so we are very proud to offer this kind of support and encouragement to a couple of the industry’s young visionaries.”