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Remedy shuts down ‘Alan Wake 2’ rumors, confirms two new games in the works

alan wake 2 rumors denied
Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Quantum Break and the original Max Payne, has two as-yet-unannounced games in development. Contrary to rumors kindled earlier this year, however, neither of them will be a sequel to the studio’s Twin Peaks-inspired cult hit, Alan Wake.

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In an interview with Polygon, Remedy representatives revealed that the studio has expanded to a two-team structure so it can publish games more frequently, while maintaining a high level of quality. One team is working on a new “AAA” project for a new publishing partner Remedy has partnered with Microsoft on all of its games since 2010, including Alan Wake and Quantum Break)The second game, which is in the “concept stage,” could be a new IP or a sequel to one of the studio’s existing franchises.

While those descriptions may seem vague, Remedy head of communications Thomas Puha was very clear on one point: Neither game will be related to the Alan Wake franchise.

“If the right opportunity came along we would like to do more,” Puha said. “That doesn’t mean there isn’t one in the future. We just don’t want to tease people and give them the wrong impression.”

Rumors suggesting Remedy had been trying to shop around a concept for a direct sequel to Alan Wake circulated earlier this year after the studio filed a trademark for “Alan Wake’s Return.” The name refers to an Alan Wake-themed Easter egg in Quantum Break. Some fans may have been ready to hear some kind of announcement after Remedy creative director Sam Lake said the studio had been “iterating” on a sequel concept. According to Puha, Remedy is still considering how to publish new Alan Wake stories, including other mediums, such as comics, movies, or TV.

As for Remedy’s new games, the studio said fans shouldn’t expect to see them any time soon: Neither of the games will be shown at E3 or Gamescom 2016.

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