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All cross-platform games (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC)

Had you talked about cross-platform games a couple of years ago, most people would’ve said you were dreaming, despite the feature being around since the Dreamcast days. Games like Minecraft and Fortnite, however, have popularized cross-platform play, causing established brands like Sony, Nintendo, and even EA to realize that these games work to their benefit.

Not every system will support a cross-platform game, but if you’re interested in cross-play, there are still a lot of options to choose from.

More multiplayer madness

Full cross-platform support

This full list of cross-platform games is below. It is growing rapidly, particularly for competitive shooters.

  • Fortnite: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, mobile
  • Dauntless: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch
  • Rocket League: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4
  • SMITE: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4
  • Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4
  • Realm Royale: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: , , PC
  • Call of Duty: Warzone: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Need for Speed: Heat: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • No Man’s Sky: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Brawlhalla: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Super Mega Baseball 2: , Xbox One, PC, Switch
  • Fantasy Strike: PS4, Switch, Mac, PC (including Linux)
  • World of Warships: Legends: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Minecraft: , PS4, , , mobile
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • World War Z: Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PC

Partial cross-platform support

Many games support cross-play for some platforms, but not all. Several may work with one console and PC, but not include support with every other system. These are listed below.

Note: A slash indicates separate cross-play support for different platforms

  • #IDARB: Xbox One, PC
  • Atom Universe: PC, PS4
  • DC Universe Online: PS4,
  • Aragami: Xbox One, PC, /, PC
  • Ark: Survival Evolved: , , PC,
  • Astroneer: , , PC
  • Black Desert Online: PS4, Xbox One
  • Blobcat: Switch, PC
  • Boundless: PC, PS4
  • Borderlands 3: Steam, Epic Games Store
  • Chess Ultra: Xbox One, Switch, PC/PC,
  • Crazy Justice: PC, Switch, Xbox One
  • Dawn of the Breakers: PC, Switch
  • Deep Rock Galactic: Xbox One, PC
  • Dick Wilde 2: PS4, PC
  • Disc Jam: Switch, PC/PC, PS4
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2: Switch, PS4
  • Eve: Valkyrie: , PC
  • Eagle Flight: PC, PS4
  • Exorder: PC, Switch
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: , ,
  • Final Fantasy XV: Windows 10, Xbox One
  • Full Metal Furies: Xbox One, PC
  • Games of Glory: PS4, PC
  • Guns of Icarus Online: PS4, PC, Mac
  • Happy Wars: Xbox One, PC
  • Hearthstone: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Hero Siege: PC, Mac, mobile, Switch/PC, Mac, mobile, PS4
  • Hex: PS4, PC
  • Hover: Xbox One, Switch, PC/PC, PS4
  • Kabounce: PS4, PC
  • Killer Queen Black: PC, Switch, Xbox One
  • Mantis Burn Racing: PS4, PC/Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • Mortal Kombat 11: , ,
  • Mushroom Wars 2: Switch, PC, Mac, mobile
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2: , , , PC
  • Next Up Hero: Xbox One, , Mac, PC
  • Neverwinter: PC, Switch, Xbox One
  • Onigiri: PC, Switch
  • Overload: Xbox One, PC/PS4, PC
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Xbox One, PC
  • Pinball FX 3: PS4, PC/Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: ,
  • Pox Nora: PS4, PC, Mac
  • Pure Chess:  , PC, 3DS
  • Rec Room: PS4, PC
  • Riptide GP Renegade: Switch, PC/Xbox One, PC
  • Roblox: Xbox One, PC, Mac, mobile
  • Siegecraft Commander: PS4, PC/Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: , , PC
  • Spacelords: PS4, PC /Xbox One, PC
  • Sports Bar VR: , PC
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew: , PC
  • Street Fighter V: , PC
  • Square Heroes: PS4, PC
  • Super Dungeon Bros: , PC, Mac/,
  • Trailblazers: PS4, PC, Mac/Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Treasure Stack: Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Tooth and Tail: PS4, PC, Mac
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse: PS4, PC, Mac/, PC, Mac
  • War Thunder:  , PC, Mac/Xbox One
  • Wargroove: , , Xbox One, PC
  • Weapons of Mythology: New Age: PS4, PC
  • Werewolves Within: , PC
  • World of Tanks: PS4, Xbox One

Xbox Play Anywhere cross-play

Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative allows many first-party titles to be bought once and played on both Xbox One and PC. Some of the games in the program even support cross-play.

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