Amazon Removes Rape Game

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Amazon has pulled a Japanese rape simulation game called Rapelay from its site after an investigation by the Belfast Telegraph drew its attention to the game.

The game, which had been available via a private seller on the site, works around the premise of a user hunting down and raping a mother and her two daughters. According to the newspaper, in freeform mode, players can rape any female character and get other males to join in. Rapelay is made by Illusion, which specializes in 3D Hentai games. Its games are not intended for sale outside Japan, but this one reportedly ended up on Amazon in the US.

Amazon has stopped selling the game, and has removed the page dealing with it. Spokesperson Patricia Smith said:

"The game was listed for sale by a private seller via a third party website and not Amazon directly. We have guidelines for all sellers and the vast majority of people abide by them. As soon as we were made aware that this game was listed, we realized that it was inappropriate and immediately took down the page."

She said that with so many private sellers, company policy is not to vet them before they begin selling.