Amazon’s Instant Video app comes to Wii U

amazons instant video app comes to wii uAnyone who’s got their hands on a Wii U since its launch on Sunday will be pleased to learn that Amazon has just released its Instant Video app for Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console.

The service gives users easy access to over 140,000 movies and TV shows that can be rent or bought from the e-commerce giant. Amazon Prime customers, meanwhile, can choose from more than 30,000 movies and TV shows to stream at no extra cost.

“All of your video purchase and rentals are available in Your Video Library, accessible from the Wii U, the Web, or any other compatible device. Rent a movie and you have 30 days to start watching — and once you start, you have at least 24 hours to finish,” Amazon explained on a webpage announcing the news.

amazons instant video app comes to wii u amazon

A special Kid Zone feature on the Instant Video app makes it easier for parents and children to discover thousands of family-friendly videos.

The app also offers a second screen experience, allowing the user to control the TV like a remote, with playback control and browsing features included. For example, viewers will be able to pull up program information on the GamePad’s display as they watch the show on the TV.

To get started, just click on the ‘Amazon Instant Video’ tile on the Wii U menu to begin downloading the app from the Nintendo eShop. Once that’s done, go to the menu, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to register your device.    

Amazon’s launch comes in the wake of Hulu Plus and Netflix unveiling similar services for the Wii U in recent days, bringing a load more functionality to the Wii U and presenting owners with more content than they’ll know what to do with. The video services were supposed to launch over the weekend at the same time as the device, but were delayed by several days.

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