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Angry Birds developer becoming a publisher

Who would have thought that slingshotting birds at walls would be so much fun? With over 350 million downloads over multiple platforms, it is safe to say that Angry Birds is a bit of a hit. In fact, it might be a full on phenomena.

Developed by Finnish developer Rovio Mobile, the game helped redefine mobile gaming, and showed many developers that the mobile market could lead to massive success. Angry Bird’s publisher, Chillingo, went on to be purchased by EA for a cool $20 million, which was a steal compared to EA’s earlier purchase of Playfish for $400 million. Compare those to the mobile gaming king, Zynga, developer of the ridiculously popular social network games like Farmville and Texas HoldEm Poker, which is said to be worth between $15 and $20 billion, and the mobile gaming industry is a burgeoning, and potentially lucrative one. And it is one that Rovio wants a bigger piece of.

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According to Develop, Rovio has already approached several independent developers about acting as their publisher. Rovio has confirmed that it has plans for the publishing world, but is not ready to disclose what they are. In March the company–which is worth $1.2 billion on the New York Stock Exchange–raised $42 million, although it has not yet revealed what those funds will be used for.

In the meantime, if you can’t get enough Angry Birds, keep an eye out for the proposed Angry Birds TV show, or head on over to China for a real-life Angry Birds setup (although minus real birds and pigs, because that would be sick and wrong). There is also a cookbook, baby clothing and various merchandising tie-ins on the way.

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Now a shell of its former self, Angry Birds developer Rovio revealed that, due to a sharp decline in licensing revenue, the company reported a 73 percent drop in operating profits for 2014, according to Reuters.

Rovio reported operating profits of just $10.8 million for 2014, a sharp decrease from 2013's $39.3 million in operating profits, which was also a huge decline from the $82.7 million in operating profits for 2012. The bad news continued, as Rovio reported a 9 percent decline year-to-year in revenue, down to $171 million.

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Angry Birds creator Rovio to lay off 130 staff as it tries to ‘reignite growth’
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There can't be many smartphones that don't have at least one Angry Birds game on it, whether or not it's ever actually played.

Rovio, the Finnish startup that scored a massive hit with the franchise, has experienced slowing growth recently after getting ahead of itself with expansion. In a bid to steady the ship, CEO Mikael Hed says the company has no choice but to restructure with the aim of creating "a simplified organization."

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Angry Birds movie set to soar in 2016 with star-studded cast
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Star Wars: Episode VII may be one of the most anticipated movies of 2015, but the year after could belong to the Angry Birds. Celebrating one billion birds being slung from a catapult in its games, Rovio has revealed an all-star cast list to whet our appetite regarding the upcoming animated-movie-of-the-game. There are six major names already signed on, and these are Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, and Maya Rudolph.

Horrible Bosses star Sudeikis has bagged the lead role, and will voice Red, a bird with some temper issues, a plot twist we never saw coming at all. He’ll be joined by Gad’s Chuck, the speedy yellow bird, and McBride’s Bomb. Bill Hader is down to play a pig, while Maya Rudolph will add her voice to Matilda, the little-known name of the egg-laying white bird. (Clearly the dream role for someone who has worked with Sam Mendes.) Finally, Peter Dinklage will bring his talent to the Mighty Eagle.

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