Angry Birds developer Rovio to offer baby products

Angry BirdsNot content with having a presence on just about every smartphone and tablet in the world, Angry Birds creator Rovio is now moving into the world of baby products.

According to a Reuters report, the gaming company is keen to expand its presence in the baby-related market following the success of its range of baby toys, of which around seven million have been sold.

Ville Heijari, vice president of franchise development, told Reuters that Finland-based Rovio gets a “sizable proportion” of its income from licensing and merchandising.

While claiming that Rovio’s core business continues to be games, he added that “licensing/merchandising is one of the fastest growing parts of the company.” And a part they’re keen to exploit, by the looks of it. The merchandise pages of Rovio’s website also feature flip-flops, bags and iPhone cases, among other items.

SwaddleDesigns is the name of the company working with Rovio to help make the Angry Birds products a reality. One such item is a 42-inch-square blanket covered with images of the upset-looking creatures, priced at $28. If it sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll need to be patient – shipping begins mid-October.

The popularity Angry Birds has astounded many, with the addictive game having been downloaded around 200 million times in less than two years. The characters are also set to appear on TV and in a movie. Judging by that kind of popularity, they should be able to shift at least one or two of those blankets.

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