Angry Birds landing on the BlackBerry PlayBook

blackberry-playbook-angry-birds-berryreviewHonestly, what is a mobile platform without Angry Birds? With more than 140 million copies downloaded, it’s more popular than any phone or device in the world. At BlackBerry World today, Research In Motion announced that its new tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, will get Angry Birds. Unfortunately, that’s all we know. There is no public release date, nor do we know if the PlayBook will get exclusive levels or any special jazz.

In February, Microsoft announced that Rovio’s hit game was coming to Windows Phone 7. At that time, the game had only been downloaded 100 million times. We’ve tired on the game a bit, but it doesn’t seem to have reached its popularity peak yet. Question is: can Rovio make another hit game, or is it a one-hit wonder? I remember reviewing Rovio’s US Marine Corps Scout Sniper for a RAZR phone back in 2006. The developer has come a long way from that mess, to be sure. Perhaps it doesn’t need another hit, though. Could Angry Birds stick around, like Tetris?

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