Angry Birds meets classic horror in short film The Birds of Anger

angry birds meets classic horror in short film the of angerEarlier this week, we posted the first of G4’s three-film Epictober Film Festival, a horror-film reimagining of the classic Nintendo shooter Duck Hunt. The festival concluded today with a film that was so cool, it deserved a second post.

In The Anger of the Birds, director Gregg Bishop puts a Hitchockian spin on Angry Birds, and serves up a great little film that explains, well… why those birds are so darn angry.

Here’s the official synopsis of the seven-minute film:

The Bacons are visited by their next door neighbor, Anne, who has brought them a lovely basket of eggs, but unfortunately, the birds want their eggs back.

Get it? “The Bacons”?

Oh, that G4 crew…

You can watch the film below:

You can watch all of the films in the gaming-inspired Halloween movie lineup over at G4TV.