Gameplay video shows Angry Birds Star Wars is almost fully operational *Updated*

Angry Birds Star Wars GameplayThe Angry Birds have already blasted off into space, and are currently preparing to do battle in a galaxy far, far away, as Angry Birds Star Wars is now little more than a week away from release.

We’ve already had a teaser trailer, leaked pictures of plush toys and fan art galore, but today Rovio has given us out first look at the game itself. It’ll come as little surprise to find out you’ll be firing Star Wars-themed birds at rickety structures, but you may be taken aback at just how deeply the Star Wars universe has been integrated with that familiar premise.

Making up about 20-seconds of the one-minute video, the gameplay footage shows levels taking place on Tatooine — where the pigs are dressed as Tusken Raiders, and red bird Luke Skywalker uses a lightsaber to destroy a building — and Hoth, where the pigs have changed their hard hats for head wear favored by Imperial officers, and the new Princess Leia bird shoots the legs out from underneath an AT-AT.

There’s no doubt Rovio is making the most of its valuable license, and although we know it’s not going to stray too far from the established Angry Birds gameplay, there’s plenty of exciting Star Wars action for fans of both franchises to enjoy.

Another trailer will be out on November 5, which should only contain in-game footage, and the game itself will follow a couple of days afterwards on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC and most importantly, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

A high profile game like this could potentially sway buying decisions, making it good news that Microsoft’s new mobile operating system will see it on the same day as its rivals. The original Angry Birds didn’t make it onto Windows Phone 7 until June 2011, more than six months after its debut.

Out on November 8, Angry Birds Star Wars will be.


Rovio has released a second trailer, this time featuring R2-D2 and C3-PO as a white egg and a golden egg respectively. This time, the in-game action takes place in space, using similar mechanics to Angry Birds Space, and featuring pigs as TIE Fighters. Enjoy it below.