Angry Birds will arrive on Facebook this Valentine’s Day

angry birds developer becoming a publisherThe arrival of Valentine’s Day in a few weeks will certainly prompt the standard mix of love and hate from Facebook users, but this year could involve a little more anger than usual, thanks to the debut of Angry Birds.

Yes, Rovio plans to launch its hit game on the social media network next month on a day when the majority of users will be either celebrating or complaining about the February 14 holiday. And when you think about it, it’s actually a great idea. What better way to work out your annoyance than toppling a few pigs’ fortresses?

According to Penn Olson, the latest iteration of the game will take advantage of the full-screen capabilities of Facebook with high-quality animation, and offer a few new power-ups that can be bought or earned through the game — including an earthquake or higher-powered birds.

Beyond Facebook, the report also described Rovio’s plans for Angry Birds to become a regular part of every new Samsung Smart TV , and to eventually make games seamless across all platforms. Progress made in the game on an iPad would then cross over to users’ phones, televisions, or other platforms.