Anti-Cheating Software Coming To Sony PS2

IT GlobalSecure, Inc., a provider of advanced game security products, including SecurePlay(TM), and game engineering services, has announced that it has joined the Sony ComputerEntertainment Inc., (SCEI) PlayStation(R)2 Tools & Middleware Program. IT GlobalSecure’s SecurePlay software is the only product on the market today that actually allows game developers toprevent many forms of game cheating.

“By entering this program, IT GlobalSecure, Inc. further expands our ability to provide games with a secure, cheat-proof game infrastructure,” states Cheryl Campbell, President of IT GlobalSecure. “We are very pleased to be able to bring SecurePlay to SCEI’s PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system.”

With IT GlobalSecure’s SecurePlay(TM) development kits, game programmers can focus on creating great games, not trying to protect them. Instead, the SecurePlay software provides the building blocks required for secure, cheat-proof multi-player games on multiple platforms. SecurePlay libraries support interoperable communications for Internet, wireless, Bluetooth, interactive TV, and other environments. SecurePlay is available in Flash, Java, J2ME, and C++ for PCs, consoles, handhelds, handsets and set top devices. SecurePlay should be available on the PlayStation(R)2 platform in 4Q04.

“Adding SecurePlay is very important to game developers,” according to Steven Davis, CEO of IT GlobalSecure, “Game Developers and Game Publishers will be able to reduce costs and expand markets by developing games across multiple platforms with linked network play. SecurePlay can make this happen – and stop cheating, too.”

SecurePlay is available in several versions to support game security for casual and advanced games including board games, traditional games, bingo, casino games, and lotteries plus role-playing games (RPG), real-time strategy (RTS) games, first person shooters (FPS), and massively multi-player games. Licensing is available under a variety of terms, ideal for the individual game developer, game studio, publishers, and hosting services.

IT GlobalSecure has developed elegant security technologies and products for clients since 2000. IT GlobalSecure holds US and worldwide patents for SecurePlay fair play cryptography technology and additional patents pending. SecurePlay simplifies multiplayer game programming and protects network games against cheating.