AP/AOL Games Poll: Men More Social Gamers

In advance of this week’s E3 video game conference, a new Associated Press/AOL Games poll reveals some interesting tidbits about online gaming across different populations. Survey results were gathered for these two organizations during mid to late April.

The AP/AOL Games poll, said AOL Games, shows urbanities that play video or computer games are more likely to play online then those who live in more outlying areas. Another major finding by this study, which did a nationwide sampling of over 3,000 adults, found that between the genders when it comes to playing games, especially online games, men are more likely then women to form ongoing friendships with other gamers.

Additional findings from this study include the fact that online gamers are twice as likely to spend $500 or more per year on gaming then non online players, that online gamers prefer casual games at the top of the list followed by strategy and adventure role playing and that 14% of those 65 years or greater play games at least 10 hours a week.

“The findings continue to affirm that gaming is a social experience that hits all spectrums of consumers – males, females, young and old,” said Ralph Rivera, Vice President and General Manager, AOL Games, in a statement. “At AOL, we are in the business to provide the best online experience for gamers of all types – whether they are interested in playing a casual game or wanting details about their favorite video game.”