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Are there unlockables in Mario Party Superstars?

Unlockables, secrets, and extra content can range from good to bad depending on what the game is holding back and how hard it is to actually get. No one likes to know they’re missing something major like an entire level or character because they can’t beat the game on the hardest difficulty or complete some hidden challenge. Mario Party games have always done well in this regard. At most, you may have one extra board to unlock by playing all the others, but for the most part, they’re well aware that people just want to boot it up and be able to play the full game with their friends.

Mario Party Superstars doesn’t hold any meaningful content back. Right from the start, you are given full access to all the game’s maps, characters, and mini-games. But, there are some nice little extras and bonuses you can unlock in various ways. This is great for that little extra bit of incentive to keep on playing without making you feel like you have to in order to get the best experience. If you’re curious as to what unlockables are in Mario Party Superstars, here’s a full breakdown of everything you can get and how to unlock them.

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Option House unlockables

The taod village.

The Option House doesn’t sound like a very exciting place, but it does have a few cool unlockables to check out. You will probably get everything there is to unlock here without even realizing it. After you play on any of the game’s boards, you can go to the Option House and change the music that plays on that map to the original music that played on the original game it came from. It’s a minor thing, but worth it for hitting that nostalgia button for anyone who grew up on the classic N64 Mario Party games.

Toad’s Shop unlockables

A yellow toad welcoming you.

This is where the majority of your unlocks are going to come from in Mario Party Superstars. This shop is where you can spend your coins, which you build up based on how many stars you earn in Party Mode, playing mini-games, or doing the daily challenges at Mt. Minigames. As you level up, new items will be added to your purchase. Starting out with Stickers, these are added every five levels, with a total of 67 in the game to purchase. These stickers are used to send little messages with other players in the game featuring the main cast exclaiming “Hi!/Yes!/Whaaat?!”

Card Designs are used for your Mario Party Card and unlocked in Toad’s Shop after playing on each of the boards, just like the music tracks. Some are available right from the start, but they all cost coins. You can get the cheap ones like Retro and Digital for just 50 coins, but if you want the Premium Card Design, you’ll need to save up a massive 999 coins. All told, there are 14 Card Designs to purchase to personalize your card.

If you’re more a fan of audio rewards rather than just visuals, Music Tracks are also up for sale in Toad’s Shop. We went over how to get the initial music tracks and change them in the Option House, but there are plenty more tracks you need to buy from the shop to unlock. Aside from the modern and classic versions of each board’s music, there are tracks for every Mario Party game, from the original all the way up to Mario Party 10, plus Mt. Minigames, Village Square, and Events. These wildly range in price, from the cheapest at 60 coins to the most expensive being 660.

Finally, and this is the big one, we come to the Encyclopedia Entries. Nintendo went wild with these, including entries for tons of characters, games, boards, and all kinds of random things. They will all cost different amounts depending on the category: Character entries all cost 100 coins each; Mario Party Games also cost 100 each, as do Mario Party Mode Boards; and Miscellaneous entries only cost 40 or 60. You will unlock more entries to buy as you level up all the way until level 99.

Data House unlockables

Toad describing the Data House.

Speaking of your Mario Party Card, Titles are the other way you can customize it when playing online. These are little extra tags that follow your name on the card and are unlocked by completing various achievements in Mario Party Mode and Mt. Minigames. You can see all the achievements represented as a series of constellations in Kamek’s Crystal ball inside the Data House. Thankfully, you only need to complete the associated achievement to unlock and use them, and you don’t need to also purchase them with coins.

The different categories of achievements are broken down into Mountain System, which are tied to Mt. Minigame achievements; Coin System, which is all about collecting a certain amount of Stars or coins during Mario Party Mode; Star System, which are challenge-specific and relate to accumulating high totals of coins; Chest System, for landing on special spaces a certain number of times; and Dice Block System, which are mostly related to random events, items, and winning mini-games.

The final thing to unlock in the Data House is, appropriately enough, the ending credits. For whatever reason, the team behind Mario Party Superstars decided to keep their names and credit working on the game locked off until you hit Mario Party Rank 50. That’s not too hard to reach and is actually a nice little treat to look through. Unlike normal credits, which are usually just a blank screen with names scrolling by, the Mario Party Superstars credits are themed around a scrapbook.

It’s nothing too substantial — just a book with pictures of characters, mini-games, and things like that from the old games this one borrowed from. Still, it’s a nice little way to check out the credits, and you can always skip them if you get bored and want to jump back into the party.

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