Batman: Arkham Knight patch restores leaderboard access on PS4

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If you’ve been experiencing issues when connecting to the “Gotham’s Greatest” leaderboards in the PlayStation 4 version of Batman: Arkham Knight, developer Rocksteady has deployed a patch that should restore access to all affected players.

Players first reported leaderboard connection issues in the days following Arkham Knight‘s PS4 launch. Users unable to access the feature were previously told that Arkham Knight was unable to connect to the PlayStation Network, for unspecified reasons.

The “Gotham’s Greatest” feature in Arkham Knight tracks progress across campaign challenges and ranks players against their friends in overall leaderboard standings. With the feature inactive, players were only able to see their own standings, and any progress from friends would not appear.

While PS4 players are now in the clear, publisher Warner Bros. is still addressing lingering issues affecting the PC version of Arkham Knight. In the wake of bugs affecting graphical presentation, framerate, and gameplay, Warner Bros. voluntarily pulled the game from retailers and digital distribution services until further notice while Rocksteady frantically works to improve performance for PC players.

Players who purchased the PC version of Arkham Knight are advised to dial back several presentation settings in order to get the game up and running as smoothly as possible. A patch released last week addresses some, but not all of the bugs that continue to plague the port.

Batman: Arkham Knight concludes developer Rocksteady’s Arkham series with a massive open world to explore, more combat options, and a newly pilotable Batmobile. For more details regarding Arkham Knight‘s mechanical evolution, check out our review. If you’ve already taken the plunge, here is our spoiler-free guide to being the best Batman you can be.