Atari Attacks Sony Over Lack Of PSP details

Speaking at a conference arranged by US financial group Piper Jaffrey earlier this week, Bonnell was outspoken in his criticism of Sony’s positioning of the forthcoming device – arguing that there’s simply not enough information available for publishers to make educated decisions about it.

“We saw pictures and a nice prototype at E3, but I want to see more,” he told the audience at the conference. “Yeah, it’s cool – it’s nice, like a nice car. But we have no idea if the PSP pricing is going to be $250, $350 or $500.”

The outspoken Atari boss placed his own prediction at the high end of that scale, saying that “$500 to start would be my guess” – a much higher estimate than those floated by other publishers or analysts, who have generally settled on an expected price range of between $249 and $349.