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Atari is releasing a 100-game bundle for PC this spring

atari releasing 100 game bundle for pc xe pac man milan 2015 games week retro
A Games Week 2015 attendee plays Pac-Man on the short-lived Atari XE in Milan. ilfede/123rf
We’re thrilled that gaming in all its forms is constantly progressing, but we also lament losing the ability to play some of our old favorites. Backwards compatibility is not at all standard, and the physical nature of games (cartridges, compact discs, etc.) limits their long-term usability. The rise of homebrewed emulators in the 1990s was a godsend, and the mainstream has since hurried to catch up as manufacturers release their own licensed versions. Gaming pioneer Atari is bringing its PC title Atari Vault to PAX South 2016. It’s a bundle of 100 classic Atari games with added features and multiplayer capability, according to a statement on PR Newswire.

The collection will be available on Steam and includes some quintessential titles in the rise of video gaming, including CentipedeMissile CommandTempest, and Warlords. The user interface for these games has been updated to be more familiar to modern gamers, while online and multiplayer features allow fans to experience them in ways that were unheard of when they were first launched. Rest assured that the games’ 1970s and 80s soundtracks will be heard in all their nostalgic glory.

Atari Vault offers Steam Controller support, improving precision and control. Players can also challenge each other on the Steam Leaderboards.

This isn’t the first time Atari has re-released its classics. Its Flashback series of consoles are in their sixth generation, with the most recent one featuring 100 built-in games. We don’t have the full list of Vault games, but wouldn’t it be great to see a fixed version of the legendary console-killing E.T.?

Atari Vault is being developed by Code Mystics and will launch in spring 2016. No price has been announced. Atari will also be providing live insights and hands-on demos for Rollercoaster Tycoon World and the mobile Pridefest at PAX. The expo takes place from January 29-31 in San Antonio, Texas.

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