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Atari Vault launches with 100 games, controller support, and online features

Atari Vault - Gameplay Trailer
Earlier this year, Atari announced a 100-game bundle for PC, and now this Atari Vault has just gone live. For those who want to relive their blocky childhood gaming memories, this is the most convenient method of doing so without resorting to emulators or retro consoles. And if that’s not enough, the collection also adds online features and full controller support. Titles from the dawn of gaming have been released in various formats over the years, and it appears that the nostalgia factor is still strong enough for further releases and re-releases.

The bundle is now available on Steam, as confirmed by an official post. 100 games from the 1970s and 80s are included, with the list encompassing Pong, Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command, Gravitar, Breakout, Warlords, Tempest, Yars’ Revenge, Haunted House, Joust, PitfallQ*BertBerzerkStar Wars: The Empire Strikes BackFroggerPole Position, and 83 more. Note that all the included titles come from Atari itself. You can choose the game via virtual 3D arcade cabinets or 3D Atari VCS/2600 original box art.

Atari Vault’s online features are explained in the post: “Challenge your friends in your rec room or compete with arcade champs from around the world with local and online multiplayer. Show the world you’re the best Centipede (or Basic Math) player alive with global online Steam Leaderboards!”

You can dive into nostalgia via keyboard and mouse, Steam controller, or any other compatible controller. For a real trip back in time, plug in a trackball or 2600-style joystick. Beyond the games, you can explore game manuals and marketing materials.

Atari Vault is available for download for $17, which sounds like a lot for some old games, but then again you’re paying just 17 cents for each. And sure, there are other ways to get your old-school gaming fix, but with the added features and controller support, this isn’t a bad bargain at all.

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